1.Your WebSite MAY NOT contain or link to any SEXUAL EXPLOITATION or SEXUAL CONTENT.
_____Any member site deemed unacceptable, may be removed without notice.
2.Your WebSite must contain images related to airplanes.
3.You may belong to multiple WebRings.
_____The WebRing Menu Box must be placed in the same web page in which you registered for the web ring.
4. Failure to adhere to these terms will result in removal from the WebRing without notice.

****Instructions For Joining The WebRing ****

1.Please fill out the form below.
2.You will be e-mailed the Airplane Image WebRing HTML Source Code immediately upon submitting your application.
3.Please insert this HTML CODE onto you WebPage.
_____Once inserted, it should appearlike the Menu Box at the bottom of this page.
4.Your application will remain on the queue until I personally add you to our WebRing.
_____Your application will remain in the queue for 7 days.
_____If deleted, you may Re-Submit your site again, if you wish.
5.Once the HTML CODE is inserted, please e-mail me for confirmation.
_____Please include your Site ID number.
6.If your e-mailed HTML Source code is corrupted:
_____Try here: Member's Edit Page
7.If your WebPage meets the above requirements and have inserted the HTML CODE, only then will you become a member.

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