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Mike -
Looks great....I like the navbar/border and stuff!
San Diego, CA (Aug 4, 1998 3:01PM)

Ashley -
Way to go John....your sites are always great. Thanks for the help on mine too =)
Here, there, and everywhere USA (Aug 4, 1998 1:43PM)

Adrienne -
Wow Im so excited. Your great page is gunna get greater. Its like going from bueno to buenisimo! I cant wait. Once again dude, Im like so impressed by your skills. Gee I hope u can teach me to make a great page too.
San Diego, CA USA (Jul 10, 1998 5:03PM)

Audey -
Nag Nag Nag. Thats all u do. Gee... so here I am wasting my precious time to sign your guestbook. I hope your happy cuz Im NOT!!! j/k ok ok So I finally got time to go to a friends site and u were the 1st one I picked. Dont u feel special? yeah so like always your page is cool but I still see absolutely NOTHING on trumpets. geee after not coming here 4 like a month you would think that u would add a lil sumthin that I request. Is that all Im good 4? Signing your guestbook? Well fine! Im never suggesting anything again. j/k Im just playin but hell!!! Get the trumpet stuff in here u monkey. Cuz we all know that trumpet players (like yourself) are the most egotistical people in the whole world (I guess thats me) so u should have sumthin on here about them. if I have to spend the whole night telling u why, well I will but I think my point was made. So get the -iii-<) stuff out here dangit!! Ok luv ya buh bye!
San Diego, CA USA (Jun 30, 1998 8:21 PM)

Laura -
Hi John This page is MUCH better than mine. Thanks for helping me with mine, it could still use some work, but I am not going to work on it now.
San Diego, CA USA (May 25, 1998 11:12AM)

Debbie -
Hey you might know me. Im an mc bando too. Just crusing the web and came to your page. Keep up the good work! You've got a bad a$$ web-site. Way better the mind!! Good job!
San Diego, CA USA (May 11, 1998 10:56PM)

Karina  -
Hey John, nice lookin page you have here. I never knew MVMS had a page! Anyway, keep up the good job and keep on getting those pics up on the band page!
San Diego, CA USA (Apr 13, 1998 9:37PM)

Adrienne  -
Hey Johnny!! I love your title. Im glad you took the advice. Geez. Its been so long since Ive been at your page. good job. Remember all those times when I told you to make a new one or it needs improvement? Well, Im glad you listened to me!!! J/K Well, just dropped on by to see how things were. Things are great. Lovely John. Really. Okae. Gotta go. See Yas
San Diego, CA USA (Apr 13, 1998 9:11PM)

Michele Mather -    
Hi john I think you're website is really cool! I like the music too. Thanx for telling me about it. Talk to you later.
San Diego, CA USA (Mar 31, 1998 6:00PM)

Sara Dadkhah -
From the interjections of Kushel Dave to the sentences of someone looking for trumpets, John, your page has recieved world-wide acclaim. So what good would it do if I were to tell you that this page is fantastic? Actually, a while ago I showed my uncle this page and he was so impressed he put it under his "special pages" bookmark. Thus, therefore, and clearly, this page is great! As soon as I actually make a page, i will create a link to yours. Keep up the wonderful work!!!
San Diego, CA USA (Mar 28, 1998 11:10 PM)

Lindsey -
I think it's pretty good, but you should tell more about yourself.
Conneticut USA (Mar 16, 1998 1:46PM)

Nivram -
I love your page! I applied for a banner. I'ld like to thank you if you do decide to make me one=) Anyways Thanks! And please visit my page sometime and sign my guestbook. k? But don't expect much since it's my first attempt at a web page. Well i gotta go keep up the good work on your page! Thanks again!!
Guam (Mar 14, 1998 2:06AM)

Nikki -
Well, what can I say? Other than I love it. And 143 637
Warrensburg, MO (Feb 10, 1998 8:42PM)

Joshua Katzen -
Sandy ago (Feb 14, 1998 11:26 PM)

Adrienne -
I'm very, very dissapionted John. :-( Where is the trumpet stuff!!!!! Hmmm? Geez. You suck!!! No no no. I'm just messing. You don't need a new page. Well......okay, okay. Just add some trumpet stuff. Okay. I'm gonna check up on it. Bye bye.
San Diego, CA USA (Feb 14, 1998 11:11AM)

Kushal Dave -
Date: 07-Nov-97 10:27 PM
San Diego, CA USA (Nov 7, 1998 10:27PM)